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3 Easy Steps to Make Your Splash Screen Pop

By David Conforti

The Splash Screen: few designers think about it, but it's more important than you think! For those that may not know, the splash screen is the first screen that pops up when a user opens the app. This may include a quick logo, animation, or tagline that brands the experience and distracts the user while the app loads.

Where to begin:


While the splash screen is admittedly a simple screen - it’s the first interaction your user has with your app so we may as well make it as catchy as can be.


Here are a few tips to help you harness the power of the splash screen!


Watch the magic happen

1. No words or short tag line.

The splash screen is meant to jump out visually to the user. This is not the occasion to tell your company’s mission or advertise the latest feature. Instead, use the opportunity to enchant the user with your logo, branding, and sleekness of the user interface. Here is a great example of this below:

Shopifydevelopmenthowto Shopifydevelopmenthowto

With these screens - we used the splash screen as a branding opportunity and a quick distraction while the rest of the app loads in the background.

2. Short is Sweet.

If you want to opt for a more splashy splash screen, a quick animation can help catch the user’s eye. For MVP’s, the animated splash screen is an unnecessary feature that takes away resources from development. As your app progresses in its life cycle, it can be an excellent way to differentiate your early releases from later iterations. Take a look at Uber’s and other app’s animated splash screen:


For more mature app’s the animated splash screen addition makes more sense.

3. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!).

For MVP’s and early stage apps though its best to KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid! The splash screen is the first impression the user has of your app and a great branding opportunity, but at the end of the day, it is not what your customers will remember most about the experience. It is best to divert resources to the user experience, design, and development to craft the best experience you can for your users.

There you go - a quick behind the scenes look at how to capitalize on the normally overlooked splash screen!

Check out what we have done with our past projects' splash screens here. If you have an idea for a mobile app, feel free to fill out our application below to join the next cohort of Varfaj projects.


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