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leysi set out to eliminate food insecurity on college campuses across the country. We were tasked with creating a student-friendly mobile app for users to pair with a web interface for local businesses to post deals and monitor traffic.


1. Provide students with budgeting tools to monitor and track their food spend.

2. Create a digital, social experience around meals.

3. Incentivize users to share their meals and promote local businesses.

Fantasy Football app
Fantasy Football app


  • Budget Wheel: Pulls your latest food transactions to show you what you have spent this week.
  • Forecasting: Compares your current spend to your budget to tell you what your future daily budget is.
  • Map: Find the hole-in-the-wall spots near you. Compare their prices to see if it matches your budget.
  • Social: Share your experience with your friends with photos and comments. See where your friends are going for recs!


  • $100,000+ in funding raised.
  • Over 1000 active users.
  • $500,000+ processed through leysi.
  • 4.9 Stars on App Store.
Fantasy Football app
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study

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high download mobile app case study

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